Accounting Software Focus: 3 of the Best Accounting Software Solutions


Finding the best accounting software for your business can be a very difficult decision. Not only do you want business accounting software that best fits the needs of your company, but you also want to make sure the one you choose is the latest in technology and can ensure profitability. By not choosing the best accounting software, you risk losing money and suffering from a less dependable product. Keeping track of your business’ finances is quite possibly the most important thing in ensuring success.

What To Look for in the Best Accounting Software

When making this important decision for your business, it’s crucial that you look for the right things that small business financial software has to offer. Many small businesses that are looking to advance their technology need to invest in accounting software that has highly detailed reports, purchase histories, the ability to track money owed, as well as other tasks that are important financially. When finding the best accounting software, it’s important to find one that focuses on the important numbers and not just anything and everything you encounter on a daily basis. The best accounting software is out there for you and your business, and in the accounting world, you really can’t go wrong.

Is QuickBooks Premier Edition 2010 Your Best Accounting Software?

QuickBooks offers a good mix of accounting tools. Not only does it include exceptional usability and interface, but it also offers a variety of payroll options along with many new and important features. With the many good qualities of best accounting software, QuickBooks Premier Edition 2010, also comes with its faults. It has limited inventory tracking and very broad database records that could be much more detailed. This version of QuickBooks has many great changes from the previous edition that makes it one of the best choices for best accounting software.

Is Peachtree Premium Accounting 2010 Your Best Accounting Software?

With overall impressive accounting capabilities, Sage Peachtree offers some of the best accounting software. With Peachtree, you can have multiple companies open at the same time, along with very detailed people and item management. This accounting software also has a new customer management center, strong inventory functionality and specialized industry versions. Although Peachtree Premium Accounting 2011 seems like the best accounting software, it also has its faults. The interface is not as clean and classy as AccountEdge’s, there is no alternative to many windows open at once, the navigation and interface are not top of the line, and Peachtree’s software is not compatible with Mac. With pros and cons in mind, Peachtree is a solid competitor to other best accounting software. Overall Peachtree’s vertical solutions are what make it the best accounting software.

Is AccountEdge 2010 Your Best Accounting Software?

AccountEdge offers the cleanest and simplest interface yet of all the best accounting software competitors. Along with web store integration, a thorough to-do list, in-depth financial management and ability to use multiple currencies, AccoutEdge is the best accounting software. Even though the good points are endless, there are also a few bad ones. Unfortunately, there is no standard online bill pay, no company dashboard and it offers fewer online tools than QuickBooks, the leading competitor. As a formidable competitor, AccountEdge’s accounting tools are thorough and easy to access, and its impeccable speed and interface make them a great choice for accounting software. AccountEdge 2010 is not as well known as QuickBooks and Peachtree, but gives them a run for their money as a known best accounting software.

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