5 Top Accounting Software Solutions for Enterprises


Great accounting solutions can help manage a business, streamline day-to-day operations, and improve client relationships. The right accounting software needs to be able to handle invoicing, contact information for customers and vendors, inventory, reporting, payroll, and even supply chain data. While the top accounting software solutions may appear similar and offer many equal options from vendor to vendor, businesses need to understand that the top accounting software solutions are not universal.

What the Top Accounting Software Providers Offer

An overworked IT department and staff does not need another complex program on their plates, so ease of use is very important when evaluating the top accounting software. Companies should take a look at the help and support offered by the vendor, and other obvious tools top accounting software solutions should have include banking, payroll, inventory control, time costing, job costing, fixed assets, conversions and updates, and reporting. Quality reporting in particular is important as it will enable staff to monitor what works and what doesn’t.

Top Accounting Software Products: Sage Peachtree and NetSuite

Sage Peachtree and NetSuite are at the top of the list for accounting software. Sage is able to manage every aspect of the business from invoicing to reporting and includes being able to efficiently pay your vendors. For $199.95, this top accounting software is a complete program that gives enterprises the added capabilities of tax work and customer relationship building. A down side to Sage would be the inability to display inventory item images.

For significantly more money, NetSuite has even more to offer. NetSuite gives companies an online accounting program, but because the program is so complex, the tools go beyond any basic accounting and can be more demanding on staff training. Like Sage Peachtree, it offers extensive reporting tools, sales tracking, marketing, projects, and more in its cloud-based solution.

Top Accounting Software Cougar Mountain CMS Works for Enterprise Operations

Cougar Mountain CMS is a certified public accountants dream. While additional models cost more than the initial $1,599 price tag, Cougar Mountain accounts receivable and accounting software is great for a business that might not have a CPA on staff. This program uses the GAAP, which makes doing payroll and taxes easier. Businesses should keep a close eye on Cougar Mountain accounting software as it’s in the middle of changes to its product lineup.

DacEasy and CYMA Accounting Also Provide Top Accounting Software Solutions

DacEasy comes with a hefty price tag, but is one of the top accounting software solutions available. The program includes service packages and tax updates, which could be beneficial come tax time, and upgrades are free. DacEasy offers accounting, payroll, and a robust business center, as well as Point of Sale software.

CYMA Accounting is a viable option for Windows users and businesses with high inventory volumes. At only $795, CYMA is something beyond the scope of small businesses because of its range of modules for deployment on different PCs. Companies will have to purchase many modules to cover the basic accounting requirements, but the nuts and bolts are there. This solution would be a great alternative for a not-for-profit company as it includes a grant writing tracker and disaster relief and recover options.

Which is Right for You?

As you can see, the top accounting software accommodates the needs of your organization depending on its size. Companies should always look at an accounting solution that fits their industry and size, like in the case of service-oriented companies and inventory-based businesses, which probably won’t have the same criteria for accounting software as each other. So find the top accounting software that can be customized to fit your particular needs. For even more information, check out our free Top 15 Accounting Software Vendors report, which includes details on the top accounting software vendors and their features and highlights.

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