Cloud Accounting Software Vendors You Should Consider


You know that you need to be able to track the financial side of your business, but have you considered the value of moving to a cloud accounting software platform? In addition to online financial management software and web based accounting software, cloud accounting is gaining more ground. It does require that you move your proprietary information outside of your firewall, but there are a number of different benefits your company can realize in doing so. Keep reading to take a look at a few of the cloud accounting software vendors you should consider in your search.

Cloud Accounting Software Vendors  – NetSuite

If you plan to get full mileage out of your cloud accounting software platform, you might want to look to NetSuite. By full mileage, this means that you need to be able to track fixed and variable costs, accounts payable and receivable, job billing, inventory, payroll and more for a multi-million dollar organization. NetSuite is a global company that has proven its value on-premise and in the cloud.

NetSuite offers co-locations placed strategically around the world so that you are never cut off from your data. The company also offers extensive capabilities beyond financial, so you can integrate your CRM and ERP platforms together easily with your cloud accounting software. NetSuite does tend to come at a higher price, but if your needs justify the power, this solution vendor is worth considering.

Cloud Accounting Software Vendors  – Intacct

For a smaller provider in the cloud accounting software space, Intacct has an impressive list of customers, including the White House and the Wal-Mart Foundation. This vendor also offers what it refers to as deep and mature functionality to future-proof your solution. Intacct also offers a Confidence Guarantee, which is positioned as the strongest Service Level Agreement available in the market. While such an offering should be expected from all cloud-based vendors, some will promise more than they deliver. Intacct appears to be true to its word, supporting the financial and accounting needs of its broad range of clients.

Cloud Accounting Software Vendors  – Zoho

If you are searching for a cloud accounting software vendor that will cater to the needs of a small business, Zoho may be a comfortable option. The company offers a very basic entry-level platform with little-to-no cost. Like other “free” platforms, however, you do get what you pay for. Instead, consider Zoho for its cloud accounting software that will truly meet your needs.

You can select the functionality according to the functions that you need to be able to keep control of your financial efforts. The company does offer the ability to add functionality as you grow, but compare their top line against your growth plans to be sure don’t go beyond this capability or the platform may not be able to support your company over the long-term.

So not only do you gain access to the latest innovations in accounting software through the cloud platform, but you can also select only those functions that you actually need. Even better, you don’t have to implement robust infrastructure systems to handle a hardware intensive system. You will have subscription pricing for your cloud accounting software, but the small investment will reap significant rewards.

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  1. Val Stepanova says:

    Additionally, you should have mentioned FinancialForce Accounting is THE ONLY native cloud accounting app. Requires no integration- uses the data already in SFDC.

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