Accounting Software Articles

MoneyWorks Accounting Software for SMBs

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Cognito developed MoneyWorks accounting as a cross-platform business accounting management solution. The application is used world-wide and even unleashed its latest version 6 just this spring. Like its previous software tools, this version is specifically designed for accounting, workflow and data requirements for small to medium-sized businesses. Because MoneyWorks accounting […]

Use Innovative Budgeting to Better Define Your Costs

Innovative budgeting, also referred to as life cycle budgeting, is a set of practices designed to reign in infrastructure project cost overruns by providing better insight into the full costs of construction projects from the outset. With the whole country facing the strictures of less expendable income, national sentiment has turned against the government’s habitual […]

A Guide to Switching to Accounting Platforms in the Cloud

There are many reasons a business decides to leave the traditional on-premise accounting system for the cloud. Whether it’s a cut the IT budget or the “everyone else is doing it” phase, companies want to do more with less. The best advice is to exhaust all efforts to ensure a switch is even necessary. Businesses […]

What You Need to Know About Accounting Information Systems

Accounting information systems give companies another way to track accounting information with IT resources, increasing visibility into those processes. Ultimately, the solution combines the study and practices of accounting with the design, implementation and monitoring of information systems. There are six main components to accounting information systems: people, procedures, data, software, information technology infrastructure and […]

Financial Management for SMBs with SAP Business One

If you have a small to mid-sized company and are looking for affordable financial planning software, SAP Business One may be right for you. SAP Business One was created as an easy to implement solution that will help your company increase your profits as well as to automate your processes. Financial Accounting with SAP Business […]

NetSuite Accounting Software Taking Advantage of the Cloud

As a whole, NetSuite has a lot to offer your business. Not only are they a successful provider of business management solutions, but they offer accounting, ERP, CRM and ecommerce in one, fully integrated system. NetSuite is also one of the top ranked SaaS accounting software solutions. With NetSuite accounting software, you have access to financial […]

5 Top Accounting Software Solutions for Enterprises

Great accounting solutions can help manage a business, streamline day-to-day operations, and improve client relationships. The right accounting software needs to be able to handle invoicing, contact information for customers and vendors, inventory, reporting, payroll, and even supply chain data. While the top accounting software solutions may appear similar and offer many equal options from […]

Researching the Top Financial Planning Software

Since business financials interact with so many of the facets of a company, improving accuracy and efficiency there can deliver the greatest business value. Financial planning software has helped many small to mid-size businesses replace paper-driven processes, improve financial accuracy, comply quickly and easily with evolving financial regulations, and gain clearer financial insight into their […]

Which Accounting Solutions Should You Consider?

When looking to use a new accounting solution to help manage your finances, the process can seem overwhelming. Not only are there many great solutions being offered, but they all have similar features. If you are looking for help with your small or midsized business, Acclivity AccountEdge, Numia and Compiere open source accounting solutions are […]

Which Exact Software is Right For Your Business?

You have a lot to manage in your entrepreneurial business to focus on your core competencies and drive profitability. To ease the process, software and other technology implementations are often a priority. The challenge is to identify the right software solutions to meet your needs. Exact Software offers a full range of solutions to drive streamlined […]